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Ian Baker

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Ian Baker is the CEO of World Time Attack Challenge, however he originally got his racing career going first as a race car fabricator. It was during this time as a fabricator Ian was on the forefront of turbo charger installations in Australia. In 2007 as part of the Hi Octane Racing team he took a car to the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, after seeing the race he wondered why they didn’t have anything like that in Australia.

As his interest and participation in the format grew, Ian saw an opportunity to re-create the event on a scale previously unseen in the sport of time attack. The idea was to create a truly international event where the best of international time attack teams compete on the same track at the same event. In this format, the teams represent not just the tuning shops behind the car but also their country.

The inaugural World Time Attack Challenge was held in 2010 at Eastern Creek Raceway and proved to be a huge success. It was the first time Australian teams competed against the international time attack superpowers; Japan and the USA. With the likes of PanSpeed, CyberEvo, R-Magic and Sierra Sierra. What Ian was pleased most about the event was it winning Speedhunters’ Event Of The Year and the response from those in attendance including the participants, sponsors, exhibitors, spectators and the media. Since then the World Time Attack Challenge has grown rapidly, setting new records for attendance and quicker lap times each year.

One thing that has happened throughout the running of the event is that Ian and the team are keen to add aspects to the event as time attack racing is only part of the show. New additions to the event include the Turbosmart Flying 500 where tuner cars line up on the main straight with the car reaching the highest top speed crowned a winner. The Turbo Legends race where the heroes of yesteryear take to the track to showcase the technology that ruled the Australian motorsport in the 1980s and 90s that is then followed with drifting competitions and stunt driving.

If you want to take a break from the on-track action there’s no shortage of attractions in the pit zone. The Trader Alley is bursting with exhibitors showing off their latest products or you can take in the largest outdoor car show in Australia.

NoBraking - Ian Baker
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