Episode 102

Mike Burroughs

NoBraking published on

Mike Burroughs is a Renaissance Man proficient with both the camera and the pen as well as many tools in the workshop and we have yet to mention his talents behind the wheel. However in this episode we talk to Mike about his interest in the automotive world, the birth of Stance|Works, his many incredible builds and his soon to be new project(s) for 2021. His hope with Stance|Works is that every car he captures, every account he shares, and every wrench he turns he hopes to push the "car community" forward and preserve the essence of its history.

Stance|Works was originally founded as a safe haven for automotive enthusiasts that had an affinity for pushing the boundaries of wheel fitment and stance. In the years that have passed Stance|Works continues to grow and push its goal. The goal is to share the everyday inspiration and dedication found in enthusiasts' garages, driveways, and streets around the world through beautiful imagery and heartfelt story telling.

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