Episode 106

Myron Vernis

NoBraking published on

In this week's episode we get the chance to talk to Myron Vernis. Myron has been described as having one of the most eccentric car collections in the world. These days people can track him down as Junkman356 and follow the latest from his garage in Ohio. However I think the best way to describe Myron is he is a dedicated automotive enthusiast with an eye for things that are a little outside of the norm. Nevertheless, he hasn’t retired from finding odd and unique cars Myron has a little more than a "handful" of cars and like any dedicated enthusiast is always looking for that next vehicle to find its way into his garage.

He has a wealth of knowledge on so many different types, manufactures and styles of cars. It was a real highlight to get the chance to talk to talk with Myron. Please make sure you take a listen, follow Myron on Instagram and just enjoy his dedication for automobiles

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