Episode 113

Riley Stair

NoBraking published on

Riley Stair has clearly got a passion for building cars. For him it all started at an early age working with his father, a gifted mechanic on the family vehicles. As time went on these family vehicles turned into passion projects and the builder began to flourish. But before we talk about the cars he has created we have to touch on Riley Stair, the professional BMX racer who is quite possibly the fastest cyclist I have ever had the chance to meet. It was life at the BMX track that allowed Riley to develop the determination to stay focused on his goal and put the hard work in, to make it happen. I think it is also worth adding Riley's own words here, in that he has "the urge to take the road less traveled, and dare to do things a bit different than those before me is another heirloom of the Stair family".

Riley’s most recent work is his incredible Trans-Am that was introduced to the world at the 2018 SEMA Show. However as the Trans-Am transitioned from debut to track day driver it has been a work in progress for the incredibly talented fabricator. I'll let Riley give you the full details on the "carport built" car but in short form it has a full tube chassis and the heart of the car is a Chevrolet LSX that revs up to 10,000 RPM.

It was a push that led to Riley entering the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a competition for car owners to get their beloved vehicle turned into a Hot Wheels. So far only two other cars have made it to miniaturization, Stair’s is the third.

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