Episode 105

Scottie Sharpe

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This episode we talk to Scottie Sharpe from Scotties Workshop. A Philadelphia native who now resides in California's Bay Area that started his professional career with computers and now finds himself running a vintage BMW restoration shop. Having motorcycles at a young age Scottie got the BMW bug early thanks to a BMW 2002, but it wasn't till his desire to attend events such as the Moto Melee really saw him delve in vintage BMW's with a 1962 BMW R60/2.

Over the next several years he dismantled and rebuilt that bike several times, always seeking to make it more reliable, and to increase the performance. Part of that quest for increased reliability and performance led him to meet Duane Ausherman, Joe Groeger, Roy Reynolds and several others who were master BMW technicians. The more time he spent with them picking up tips and tricks and hearing about their careers as BMW master mechanics, the more the lifestyle appealed to him. In 2011 he answered a Craigslist ad from someone who needed help with a restoration and the next thing he knew he had a bevy of old BMWs lined up in my driveway awaiting restoration. In 2012 he quit his job and started working on motorcycles full time.

Scotties Workshop now has four departments: vintage workshop, classic workshop, paint shop and machine Shop. They started with an original mission to provide the best repair, maintenance and restoration services for vintage (1948-1969) BMWs, but due to the demand that has had to grow over time. Scotties philosophy in repairing and restoring old motorcycles has always been to try to use the same tools and techniques that were used when the bikes were built back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In essence to keep that vintage energy flowing through the bikes. He wants them to feel old, right down to the tools and techniques that are used to repair them.

Talking to Scottie I was able to understand the vintage appeal and what it requires from him and his employees to keep the life in these old souls that we call motorbikes.

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