Episode 128

Tom Gilroy

NoBraking published on

Tom Gilroy is the Founder of Purpose Built Moto. Tom spent countless days in the family farm shed fixing and modifying old dirt bikes. Today, Purpose Built Moto is focused on creating motorcycles built with the future rider in mind. In essence the clients tell Tom what they want the bike for and based on this idea he shapes that concept into a functioning, rideable piece of rolling art. However that is not only the goal of Purpose Built Moto as the company has a wide range of parts that riders can outfit their own bikes with, always with a goal of creating something special.

However Tom not only spends time at the office, he actually enjoys riding the bikes he creates, this can be seen in a project called Wide of the mark. This was created out of a desire for an adventure in its purest form. Tom even decided to make it more challenging, building not only an adventure bike out of an everyday commuter to handle harsh terrain, but one for another rider to handle two weeks of riding around Tasmania.

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