No Budget Radio

Episode 19

Drake Relays, Part One

Don Carpenter published on

Recorded on March 28 and April 1.


This is the first of three audios about my experiences covering the Drake Relays. I hope you enjoy them. This episode is about the 2012 Relays.Thank you to all the new listeners who have joined me. I'm grateful for all of you taking time out of your busy day to be part of No Budget Radio.


Greetings 0:00-1:13

Weather, Wrestling and Writing 1:14-6:42

Drake Overview 6:13-8:07

Becoming Involved with Drake 8:08-10:35

Preparations 10:36-13:10

Thursday 13:11-17:39

Friday 17:40-23:01

Saturday 23:02-25:10

Shilling and Good-Bye 25:11-26:28

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