No Budget Radio

Episode 45

They Say It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Don Carpenter published on

I recorded this on the afternoon of July 2. It displays a side of me you haven’t heard much of before. I was kind of miserable at the start of a major holiday weekend. I was lonely because everyone else would be celebrating with loved ones and I wasn’t. I was scared because I had been thinking quite a bit about the future and where I would be on July 4, 2022. My nerves were a little frayed because the “edgeiness” which has been a part of all of our lives for so long was hitting me a little stronger than usual.


I recorded this state of me because I wanted to talk to someone even if said someone was listeners listening a month later. I felt as if I was telling someone how I felt and therefore getting it off my chest. Doing so helped as I felt a little better. The whole weekend was kind of sad and lonely, but emotions calmed down from where they were Friday afternoon.


I’ve had this recorded and edited for sometime, but July has been a busy month which has given me reasons and excuses to not post this episode. I didn’t want people to think I was being a drama queen.


But I’ve told you all quite a bit about myself and my world. This is another side of me. A more intense and not enjoyable side, but this is also me. But I’m also capable of being funny, interesting and entertaining. That version will be back with the next show.


Thank you so much for listening. I greatly appreciate all of you taking time out of your busy days to do so.


Again, I promise that I'm fine and will be more upbeat with 46.


Take care and stay safe.




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