Not Another Pen Podcast
Episode 7

Did we pace like we said we would?

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Alternative Titles

  • Yoss said at least three dumb things

  • Brownie doesn’t know what pacing is




What are we writing with

  • Brownie: Lamy 2000 with an Extra Fine nib and KWZ Hawaii Blue on a BOND Travel Gear Tomoe River A5 notebook

  • Yoss: Two Newest pens: Delta Gallery Blue Moon/Factory Stub/Chesterfield Siam and an OMAS Paragon/052 nib/Diamine Ancient Copper on my Hippo Noto.


  • Brownie

    • Med school is hard

    • Also, I’m now into watches

    • Some cool stuff that I’m looking into starting over my break

  • Yoss

    • Working, working, & working

    • I’m working off some weight, lost ~15 lbs this year.

    • I mostly stopped drinking!

Main Topic - How have you done with your pacing decisions from earlier this year?

  • Yoss

    • I bought a pen. It was a piston filling Delta. Something I really wanted and found it at a good price.

    • Inks, well yeah…I bought more inks! Dang good looking exclusives like Fire on fire, Diamine German inks, etc.

    • I have been getting rid of some pens in a “mailing them to newbies” like Kondo event, in some servers I’m a part of.

  • Brownie

    • I say I want to pace but I do the exact opposite

    • I have moved more towards collection pieces instead of just mass acquisition, things to round out the collection

    • I will most likely doing a mass sell off of the stuff that isn’t in storage when I get back in the country, both pens and watches, which will lead into my real hiatus (mostly hiatus)

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