Not Another Pen Podcast
Episode 4

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

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  • Brownie

    • Went home for Thanksgiving

    • Got some samples and inks from you and Sandra, and Zenmarket

    • Ralph pens showed up

    • Bought VP #19

    • Finals time

    • Brownie loves Smokey Quartz woof

  • Yoss

    • I met up with Sandra

    • Received the exclusives from Brownie and sent of his.

    • Got a Voyager, bought and sold an OMAS in the same day.

  • Holidays


Main Topic - Starter pens

  • Brownie

    • Pens

      • Chinese might be the way to go

      • Personally started with Parker 15, then went to Parker Urban, then collected, but didn’t know better, don’t recommend this at all

      • Would probably recommend a Platinum Preppy for ease, then something like a Metropolitan, shudder Safari, Eco, Moonman, WS 698

    • Inks

      • Definitely go with Diamine and Waterman

      • Would have said Sailor in the past, but now that they’re more expensive, I don’t think it’s the best option

      • Stay away from pen cancer like OS

    • Paper

      • Rhodia, Clairefontaine, BnR, Fabriano

  • Yoss

    • Pens

      • I started off with a Safari

      • I gave Metros, ecos, and WS pens away

      • Chinese wouldn’t be the wat

    • Inks

      • Diamine

      • Noodlers

      • KWZ

    • Paper

      • Clairefontaine

      • Rhodia




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