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Episode 6

Episode 6 - Collection Saturation

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Alternative Titles

  • Got you that lemon pepper wet (

  • “Let me keep my headcanon”



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What are we writing with

  • Brownie: Pilot Stargazer, Fine nib, inked with a Pilot Blue cartridge, on a Rhodia #16 dot pad

  • Yoss: OMAS Galileo Galilei Fine-Medium, Inked Diamine Jalur Gemilang, on a Hippo Noto



  • Brownie:

    • New developments in my life: MED SCHOOL

    • Now living in a new country, but only for two years

    • Cut down to just 19 pens (for this semester)

  • Yoss:

    • How was Christmas?

    • Life changes, grandma passed after Christmas

    • Tons of fun


Main Topic - At what point do you feel like you’ve reached a stopping point?

  • Yoss

    • Recent acquisitions made me reconsider more purchases

    • I’m not writing as much anymore is making me reconsider more pens

    • I’ve been thinking about selling more

    • I’ve actively filled out the bookcase for ink

    • I think I’m hitting full saturation of pens & inks

  • Brownie

    • I’m at a point where taking all my pens with me isn’t really practical

    • But do I need all 200 some pens? What about the 200+ bottles of ink and 100+ samples? (yoss probably says no, and so does brownie)

    • I’ve been selling more and acquiring less, with only a few pens that are actively on my radar

    • I feel like if you have reached a point where you are comfortable with your collection, it doesn’t mean that you stop acquiring, just actively doing it.


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