Not Another Pen Podcast
Episode 3

Lamy is bad, and you should feel bad

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Lamy is bad, and you should feel bad.



  • Brownie

    • New inks

    • Additive pens

    • Bungubox Witch the Third

    • Homo Sapiens

  • Yoss

    • New Aurora

    • New inks

  • FPD was recent

    • Acquisitions


Main Topic

  • Lamy is bad (Brownie)

    • Nib is inconsistent at best

    • Body don’t feel right and aren’t really balanced

    • Feel: what feel? The nibs literally feel like nothing on paper. There’s no character!

    • Grip surprisingly not an issue since I actually like it and it is my grip

    • Dialog 3 and L2k are the only ones that fit my hand

    • Inks: Dark Lilac is only good ink, everything else is poop

  • Lamy is ‘ight (yoss)

    • First pen was a safari

    • Loved a 2k before I found da way (OMAS)

    • Still thinking about another 2k.

    • Ehhhhhhhh Everything else is bad.

    • Inks? Dark Lilac, Turquoise is ight. I like


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