Not Another Pen Podcast
Episode 5

Like a Ferrari, but with a nib

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Alternate names:

Now That’s a spicy meat-a-ball (not the real name)

The episode where Yoss gets hype!



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What are we writing with

  • Brownie: Aurora Optima Nebulosa, EF nib, Lamy Dark Lilac

  • Yoss: Aurora Optima Nebulosa, Stub nib, Taccia Murasaki



  • Brownie

    • It’s (non-denominational because I’m Hindu) Christmas!

    • Got my secret santa gift, hella dope

      • Lamy Safari All-Black

      • Rhodia Color...thingy notebook

      • Samples

    • Bought a Colorverse Voyager 1 set

    • Writing christmas cards like a boss

  • Yoss

    • Oh my it's Christmas!

    • This episode will be released super late, I'm a bit busy over the next few days.

    • 10 Clairefontaine A5 notebooks came in from Massdrop

    • Bought a laptop too. :GWvertiPeepoCheer:

    • Got my secret Santa gift in.

      • PR Cadillac Green

      • Taroko TN Regular note book 68gsm

      • 1 40% full bottle of Lamy Dark Lilac


Main Topic - Italiano

  • Yoss

    • I love many pens, but I love my Italian pens the most.

    • I have 24 Italian pens, (out of 56 total)

    • Photos of all my italian pens are in the show imgur link.

    • No ink other than a bottle of OMAS blue, that I left in DC. (long story)

  • Brownie

    • I too love Italian pens, but not as much as yoss because that’s just creepy

    • I have roughly 18 out of....let’s not talk about how many pens

    • Maybe, *maybe* two Italian inks

      • Visconti Blue and Black




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