The Bible says “God is love” (1 John 4:8) We find that it is true when He demonstrated it by sending His Son to die for our sin. Therefore this implies one more thing: That God treasures relationships. And one relationship that God values is our relationship with our family. God even identifies Himself in family terms: as Father, Son and Spirit. The Trinity is God’s relationship to Himself. Since God is love, then it is in loving that that we are most like Him! And truly it is in our family that the genuineness of our love is tested day in and day out. We cannot deny that we all came from and grew up in a family.


        Much of our foundation came from them-physical attributes, beliefs about self and life, attitudes, etc.  Since we did not choose which family we came from, it is either we are thankful or ungrateful of them. What should our proper response be towards our family? What does the Bible say about that?


        The objective of this series is to help students learn about the family, its God-given design and how to value the family relationship as God desires for us to. In this series, students will learn the role of parents (Part 1), their role as children (Part 2), how to engage the family (Part 3) and how to intercede for the family through prayer (Part 4).