Episode 2

God’s Design for the Family Part 2: The Role of Children

ElevateLive Cebu published on

• Roles of Children

      A. Why Roles are Important (Review)

B. Roles of children towards their parents

                  C. Roles of children towards their siblings

• Issues and attacks on the side of Children

• We may have committed a lot of mistakes as children but we should not drown in self guilt by pinpointing our own mistakes. The Bible is there for us to know what God wants us to do for us to become better and godly children. We should love God, obey Him and honor our parents. God will take care of the rest. 

• Yes we as children are imperfect, impossible or maybe even downright “failures” to our family, but we should take heart and remember that we have a perfect Heavenly Father who loves us and calls all of us to imitate His Son Jesus Christ.

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