Episode 3

Surviving Genocide: Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya

Aston Lang published on

In 1994 a genocide took place in Rwanda known as "100 Days of Killing". It is estimated that around 1 million people lost their lives in this humanitarian tragedy... Entire families were killed and many children left without home, shelter or love.

Aston sits down with survivor, Eddy Nyarwaya to hear his story and get insight what drove him on his journey from a young boy...

Eddy came from the streets of Rwanada to become the FOUNDER and DIRECTOR of Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peace Buildingholds a Masters Degree from Nkumba University (Uganda) and is an advocate for childrens rights and welfare.

if you would like to contact Eddy to hear more about his story or availablity for lectures, contact him at:


or visit his website:



Thank you to the University of Otago for helping me contact Eddy

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