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Episode 9

09 - The Return, The Prank, The Football, and The Future

Ellory Wells published on

After being gone for two weeks, we started having withdrawals. In this episode Ashley and I discuss where we've been, what happened to us while we were there, and why we've been absent. We sincerely apologize and hope you'll bear with us as we get back on track!

Things We Chatted About:

  • Where we've been and why we haven't release an episode in a week
  • Ashley's aging eyeballs
  • The huge prank Ellory pulled on Ashley
  • Claustrophobia
  • Baylor Football
  • Castle
  • The Cerrone Show with Chris Cerrone & Laci Urcioli
  • Ellory's obsession with the word "interesting" and other words he should use
  • Gotham, the TV show
  • How we plan on improving the quality and value of our podcast
  • The relationship between Jesus and the apocalypse
  • Did Ellory enjoy high school?

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