A Road to the Ocean, a journey toward what the world and its people can teach us, a walk around the different cultures that enrich our collective consciousness.

Travelling and learning languages enhances our life, make us understand other ways to see the things and open our minds, making us become a wiser person. Travelling also makes our life more exciting, diverse and interesting.

"The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page" — St. Augustine.

If you would like to travel more than you do, these podcasts will inspire you and give you practical advice: 

How to live a life visiting and living in many countries

  • A nomad lifestyle
  • Ways to earn money while travelling
  • Tips to travel with less and experience more
  • Unique places in the world that you should visit at least once
  • Interviews with people who have already got it

How to be better prepared personally and professionally to travel the world

  • Overcoming those initial fears when we travel to unknown places
  • The learning of languages
  • Using Neuroscience, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to have a relentless mindset
  • The Quantum Physics and its connection to the Law of Attraction
  • Being an expat entrepreneur, how to create business abroad
  • Interviews with experienced people who inspire us

In short, how to live this life to the fullest!!

Hola People (holapeople.co.uk), with offices in the United Kingdom and Spain, provides a range of highly demanded services in Education, Work, Travel and Culture. Composed of professionals in the teaching of languages, recruiters and audiovisual producers, among others, we have created this channel to convey our passion for travelling and the learning other languages, cultures and philosophies. Our values are honesty, respect and continuous improvement.

Esteban Tejedor is the founder and managing director of Hola People. A multi-faceted, open-minded and adventurous citizen of the world. Esteban was born in was born in Spain but has had the good fortune to travel and live in many different locations around the globe, and to earn a living in a variety of ways: programmer, web developer and designer, translator, Spanish teacher, DJ, model, Salsa teacher, coach and NLP practitioner, team leader, recruiter, event organiser and, above all, a creative and tireless entrepreneur.


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