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Episode 26

A Costa Rican living in Liverpool for 20 years! · Freddy Pérez (aka Dj Muvelo)

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Freddy Perez (aka Dj Muvelo) was born in San José (Costa Rica) in 1976. When he was 16, he already started living on his own. 

And it was by Christmas 1999 (20 years ago), he moved to Liverpool. 

He immediately became involved with the world of Latin nights:

* organising dance sessions and 

* developing his capacity as a Dj alongside Roger Morris (known as the Director of Brazilica Today). 

During that same time, he studied English and multimedia, radio and web design. 

In 2004, he co-founded the first Latin company in Liverpool on Hope Street and create the “All Things Latin” office. 

Already at that time, his name was highlighted regionally and even at a national level, as Dj Muvelo. From there, they managed to do the First Latin Festival in Liverpool for 6 consecutive years, promoting Latin cultures in the region. 

In 2007 they opened the first cultural centre in the city without the help of any fund, but because of that, it could only last three years, leaving his passion for being a DJ for a while. 

But in 2014, Dj Muvelo returned, at the festival de Sefton Park (LiMF), with over 45000, meeting worldwide recognised artists like Shaggi) 

Freddy is now also specialising in music production, apart from Doing in the most popular parties in the city: Viva Brasil, Revolución de Cuba… and delivers private sessions to celebrities. 

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-- Interviewer: Esteban Tejedor 

Video recorded and edited by: * Christabelle Rapa * Paul Moreau 

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