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Episode 30

A language-learning coach working with 8 languages · Paloma García

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Paloma García is passionate about languages and personal growth, and she has developed a coaching service applied to languages. Would you like to see this interview in Spanish? ¡Aquí está!


After 20 years dedicated to the world of business and management in international environments, she trains as a coach. NLP Coach Master and Master Practitioner NLP. Realistic Coaching, Coaching x Values and Transformational Coaching Cristina Naughton.

With www.palomagarciacoach.com, she combines her three passions:

- languages (she is going for the eighth one!)

- coaching, and

- entrepreneurship

She helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals in a short term, thanks to taking the steps they need with languages once and for all. Degree in Translation and Interpretation. Bachelor of Business Administration. Master in Marketing and Communication. Master's degree in organisation management in the knowledge economy, with a specialty in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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-- Interviewer: Esteban Tejedor

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