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Episode 9

From Romania, film studies and internship in the UK · Ruxandra Helici

Esteban Tejedor published on

Ruxi has travelled to the UK to pursue her career in the filming and acting industries. After her first year studying in London, she visited us in Liverpool for a month to do an Internship at Hola People. In this interview, we see her before and after the internship. We are happy to have hosted her, thank you Ruxi!


Ruxandra's film/theatre experience includes:

* Committed member of one of the most famous drama clubs in Romania for 4 years

* Took part in 4 major stage productions, one of which required intense practice and dedication

* Participated in 17 theatre and film festivals around the country - the International Film Festival in Sibiu being the most remarkable one

* Met and had been mentored by famous and well-respected actors in the Romanian film industry

* Attended over 30 workshops designed to develop teamwork and communication abilities

* Worked with and held acting workshops for children who wished to join the drama club in Botosani, Romania


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