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Episode 24

Helping People To Learn Languages Through Meditation · Inés Ruiz

Esteban Tejedor published on

Inés Ruiz, born in Alicante, Spain, is a former Spanish professor at Cambridge University. She has a BA and MA in Translation studies and another MA in education and e-learning.

Inés started teaching at a college level by the age of 23yo. She found that most students who struggled to learn a language simply lacked the mindset. After that realization, she devoted her time to building a business where she could help people learn the world's second-most spoken language, Spanish. After training and certifying more than 5,000 teachers to become Spanish instructors, she decided to go even further.

Inés is currently working on 'Medita Spanish', the world's first guided meditation and language app. This easy-to-use app fuses positive mindset practices, meditation and neurolinguistics programming applications with language learning to create the perfect learning environment to learn Spanish.

More information: meditaspanish.com

Inés is also the creator of ELE International: eleinternacional.com

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