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Episode 11

OUP - EP11 - Badasses - DCC Review / Interview with 'World Of Hurt' creator Jay Potts

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He's a bad mother... Shut your mouth... I'm just talking about Pastor. That's right, Isaiah 'Pastor' Hurt the star of 'World of Hurt:' created, plotted, written, drawn, lettered and published by Jay Potts at www.worldofhurtonline.com. Amazing stories from the 'Internet's #1 Blaxploitation Webcomic.' "Sometimes Good People Need A Bad Man. In 1972 Isaiah 'Pastor' Hurt was the baddest Man In The World." We're able to sit down with Jay and talk about the world of Hurt and explore even more of the world of Blaxploitation. Humbled and honored for him to be the first interview we have done. Thank you, Mr. Potts. We delve into Luke Cage's backstory and see what makes the man tick and how Carl Lucas became badass Luke Cage. Next, we sink our fangs into 'Blacula' staring William Marshall, a badass in his own right, and how he was cursed by Dracula to forever be known as Blacula and we don't even spoil the whole thing (there are minor spoilers, but nothing that's not in the trailer). We wrap this up by giving thanks to those who have helped spread the word.  --/--

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Splatoon playing, Fallout 4 trailer watching and Denver Comic Con 2015 roundup - opening  --/--

Talk about meeting Mr. Jay Potts and how it happened and 'World Of Hurt' - 16:39 --/--

Interview with Mr. Jay Potts - 23:10 --/--

Luke Cage Hero For Hire (1972, Marvel Comics) - 42:48 --/--

Blacula (1972, American International Pictures) - 55:01 --/--

Thank yous - 01:04:25 --/--

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