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Episode 5

OUP - EP5 - Crawl Beneath The Remains Of Wonderland

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We're joined once again by Ross who takes us into the world of the ape planet as we all talk about the different Planet of the Apes presentations. We talk about Cullen Bunn's and AC Zamudio's Monkeybrain digital book The Remains 1-4. Ross, feeling under the weather, departs and we're joined by special guest Bob! Bob takes us through the world of Alice in the EA/Spicy Horse video game Alice: Madness Returns. The last bit of business ends with a recounting of the movie 'Crawl or Die' directed/Written by Oklahoma Ward and starring Nicole Alonso as the badass 'TANK." A number of techincal issues rearing their ugly head and a couple presenters with ailments couldn't stop us, as the show must go on. We strive to bring the best product possible from a few fumbling amatuers and hopefully some issues will be addressed in future episodes.


We attempted not to spoil everything, but sometimes the excitement takes over, so beware of spoilers!

All forms of 'Planet of the Apes' including; remakes, reimagings, movies, televisions shows and cartoons - opening /--

The Remains by Cullen Bunn and AC Zamudio issues 1-4 (2014 Monkeybrain) - 11:51 /--

Alice: Madness Returns (EA/Spicy Horse) - 30:37 /--

Crawl or Die (2014 Backyard Films) - 48:05 /--

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