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Episode 6

OUP - EP6 - Conclave Of The Hooded Serpent

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Join us as we talk about the new "proof of concept" tralier for The Leviathan. Something that has the makings of being a huge sci-fi epic with some fantastic visiuals...if they can keep it under budget. We move on to out comic convention experiences including the awesome creators we've encountered over the years...and some of the disappointments. The Black Hood rears his ugly head courtesy of Dark Circle comics and we dove in head first. We thought we had some of the technical issues worked out, but they presented themselves once again. Different equipment has been ordered and hopefully will be here in time for the next episode. Bare with us and we'll deliver a humdinger of an episode next time.

The Leviathan "proof of concept" trailer - opening   /--

Comic Convention experiences and the creators we've met - 05:42   /--

The Black Hood (2015 Dark Circle Comics) - 51:44  /--

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