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Episode 8

OUP - EP8 - The Devil's Favorite Demon

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In this episode, hear us talk about relevant entertainment without actually spoiling everything. Outside of that, this may be the most unique of our podcasts thus far. We speak talk about the new Daredevil Netflix series and what we expected and things that went beyond our expectations. At the end of the Daredevil discussion, Mike gives mention to a couple other shows he's current on speaks about the final season of a more infamous television program. From there we move into wrestling, current and past, while comparing the classic wrestling of the late 90s to what's served up today. Differing options on today's talent and how they are possibly held back and constrained by writing and developmental. Next the animated DC movie Batman Vs. Robin is on our plate and how Damian has weaseled his way viciously into our hearts. The preview of Justice League: Gods and Monsters also gets a little tape time intertwined in the Batman/Damian Talk. Finally, we thank all of you, some specifically, but to everyone that has given us a chance. --/--


Daredevil (2015, Netflix/Marvel Studios), SoA and Bloodline - 01:25 --/--

Wrestling - 90s vs. Now also WrestleMania and Extreme Rules - 28:00 --/--

Batman vs. Robin (2015, WB/DC Entertainment) and preview of Justice League: Gods and Monsters - 47:16 --/--

Thank yous - 1:08:22 --/--

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