Off The Cuff Franchising

Episode 18

OTCF 018: Raising Cows, Self-Driving Cars, And How To Get Difficult Franchisees To Work Together With The Franchisor...With Ken Walker From Driven Bra

David Tamale-Sali published on

In this episode of the Off The Cuff Franchising Podcast, "retired" franchise executive Ken Walker shares insights from a storied career in the automotive industry...shares a powerful 5-letter word tactic for getting difficult franchisees to cooperate with the franchisor (a tactic he learned at a young age on his father's dairy farm)...discusses how franchising is "the American Dream for small businesses"...and gives an insider's perspective on self-driving cars (complete with data about the number of crashes they've had) as well as describing the massive business impact they will have on absolutely everything.

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