Oiram Media Podcast
Episode 6

Oiram Media Podcast EP:6

Zach Fetters published on

<p>-Track List-</p>

<p>00:09 I.Y.F.F.E -ALIV3 [Uprise Music]</p>
<p>04:13 Soundwave - Kamikaze [Soundwave]</p>
<p>08:40 Oiram - Liquid Motion (Oiram Media Unreleased Track) [Oiram Media]</p>
<p>11:17 Sapiand - Overclocked (Original Mix) [Oiram Media / Sapiand]</p>
<p>15:48 Hellberg - The Girl (Tricern Remix) [Monstercat]</p>
<p>20:45 Naph - Sapphire [Naph]</p>
<p>24:10 Muzzy - Feeling Stronger (Feat. Charlotte Colley) [Monstercat]</p>
<p>30:00 Pegboard Nerds - Lawless [Pegboard Nerds]</p>
<p>34:00 Laszlo - Messiah [Monstercat]</p>

<p>Music courtesy of their respective labels and artists.</p>

<p>Names in square brackets, "[]", notate the legal copyright owner of the song.</p>

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