Oiram Media Podcast
Episode 8

Oiram Media Podcast EP:8

Zach Fetters published on

<p>-Track List-</p>

<p>00:10 - Oiram - Sweet Techno Dreams [Oiram Media]</p>
<p>04:09 - Nomad - Funeral Voices [Nomad]</p>
<p>09:33 - EDEN - Nocturne [MCMXCV / Seeking Blue]</p>
<p>12:40 - DotEXE - Run Away From Me [Monstercat]</p>
<p>17:11 - Mr. FijiWiji - Aphasia [Monstercat]</p>
<p>21:44 - Oiram - Mystic Interlude [Oiram Media]</p>
<p>25:12 - GrandF1nal3 - A.V. [Oiram Media / GrandF1nal3?]?</p>
<p>28:05 - ELI7E & WebTechnify - Odd Runners [ELI7E & WebTechnify]</p>

<p>All music belongs to their respective artists and/or labels. Oiram Media does not own the rights to the songs in the podcast</p>

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