Ommmsome Life Design
Episode 38

Adjusting to the New Normal: 5 Ways to Fortify Your Inner Foundation During the COVID ERA

Monta Vilumsone published on

Dominick Quartuccio shares wisdom from his heart and simple tips that anyone can start paying attention and doing now to empower us in the times of great changes.

Transition into your new self can often be overwhelming and in conditions like these being anxious and stressed completely normal, however, not really productive.

Mindset & Routines

Information Consumption

Community and Contribution

Dominick has reinvented himself from leaving a fortune 500 company to becoming a personal coach, speaker, podcast host - they just got into top 50 Americas podcasts in self help (check out - the great man within on itunes). He's inspirational on how he acts from the space of love, gratitude and no fear at all.


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