Ommmsome Life Design
Episode 56

Dumplings and tea with Gary Vee? Momoshack story

Monta Vilumsone published on

Nepal. Mexico. Vietnam. What could bring this more together than great food!

Leezen Amatya, Daniel Flores andThang Duong all together = Momoschack dumplings!

Do you think it's possible for 3 friends to get together and run a fun business and grow it into the national brand? I can totally see that with Momoshack - friends who make, sell and now pack and ship dumplings. Why? Their mindset is set on the growth path and they dive into the experience to learn.

They manifested to ask 3 questions to Gary Vee and got on the show in a week, wanna know how? Listen to the episode and get to know their story.


Find them on IG: @momoshackdumplings

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