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Episode 25

Feeling whole, feeling home, feeling taken care of - where does it happen?

Monta Vilumsone published on

#25 Udo Erasmus sharing his amazing insights from years of dedicated practice of doing his 'homework' - turning inwards! 

Udo is an author and inventor of a unique OMEGA 3-6-9 blend called Udo’s choice which you can find in health stores across the US, Canada and Europe

He’s an author of Fats That Heal Fats That Kill and The book on Total Sexy Health


We discussed CBD, hemp oil and if CBD can heal the biggest problems we’re facing nowadays - stress, anxiety, depression and help us turn inwards.

In the second podcast we dive deep into how turning inwards, feeling taken care of and love can lead us to lives that are connected, filled with joy and turn into dance and playfulness.


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