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Episode 31

How I F***ED up in 2019. Reflections & Lessons from depression & re-inventing myself again #SOLO#

Monta Vilumsone published on

#31 SOLO episode on how many times I've messed up in 2019 and how I've gone through deep self learning and back to what truly feeds my soul. Vulnerable, raw and finally a solo episode without hiding behind just questioning others. Looking forward to the growth and changes and where this journey will bring me in 2020.

In this episode:

How I lived in the most beautiful spaces and drove expensive cars but felt lost and useless

How I was fighting fatigue, brain fog and not admmiting I needed rest and re-set instead of ''pushing it through''

Tips for lifting up depressive moods

Microdosing benefits for setting aside your ego

Allowing yourself to bloom again and enjoy and live the life beautifully

How I came back to the Meditation and Silence

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