Ommmsome Life Design
Episode 35

Meditation for allowing yourself to feel

Monta Vilumsone published on

We often expect others to just hold space for us and allow us to be sad and express our emotions. We don't want the tips, encouragement or solutions. Just simply someone listening for us to vent out.

How often do we hold space for ourselves?

I was angry this morning and straight away I went into what can I do to change the situation, then for a moment I was - why don't I just give myself space and allow myself to feel and then jump to suggestions, actions and whatever I should be doing. 

It took a while but once I did it trully allowing myself to be angry, pissed and not happy with myself - I got it.

I don't need to do anything. I am fine. 

I saved myself packing bags, leaving, searching for a new place to live and starting from 0 again. Just by 3minute meditation.

Beyond grateful,


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