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Episode 86

What if I am good enough? - Jacquelyn Phillips

Monta Vilumsone published on

#86 Jacquelyn Phillips is an author and personal growth champion. She also wrote her first book at a time when there was a pandemic in the world. Her book "Comfortably Uncomfortable: The Road to Happiness Isn`t Always Paved" is a raw, unbridled account of who she was just two years ago and the remarkably uncomfortable journey she embarked on to find peace, joy, and comfort in the life she lives today.

We talked about the journey from a self-loathing, socially toxic, miserably suicidal woman into the happier, peaceful, confident person she is today. 

What did it take to get there? And how you can do the same?

This story will resonate with everyone who feels burned out, unfulfilled, and overburdened by a life that somehow did not turn out the way you’d planned it to. It may also challenge you to ask the most delicate and revealing question of all: What if I AM good enough?

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