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Episode 18

You can't fix a depressed person, can you? How can you be around someone who's going through depression

Monta Vilumsone published on

#18 Christine Judd, the creator of 'Living through the hard stuff' podcasts openly shares her experience with anxiety and depression from mild moments to almost committing a suicide and what made her get back on the healing journey and inhale-exhale again.

For me the biggest take-away was the little tips of what you can do when you're with someone who's in depression. I've been really close with people like that many times and mostly emptying myself trying to fix the situation, trying to make them happy, trying everything till the moment I was exhausted and realised I don't find joy in waking up or going about my day. Leaving them - the most difficult decision but I never realised they had let me go long time ago and they had never asked anything from me, just to be.


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