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Episode 2

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Monta Vilumsone published on

Hi, my name is Monta and I love travelling. It's like I was born with a bone that always wants to move, to explore to go beyond what I can see. I've traveled and lived in more than 50 countries and not just to see and do a check list but to be there. In this podcast you'll hear how I:

hitchhiked from Eastern Europe to Africa

rode motorbike in Vietnam and survived

learnt yoga in India

lived on a paradise island in Indonesia

traveled in China without knowing the language

hiked most beautiful parks in Canada

drove fast cars from across the USA

started a yoga business and vegan food delivery in Panama

and more, more, more, maybe some dating stories, some fun and some dangerous stories.

I'll keep it short and sweet and entertaining!

Let's travel by staying at home!

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FB: ommmsome & Monta Vilumsone

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