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Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo - Former Director of the AATIP (UFORadio International #11)

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Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo -Former Director of the AATIP
Guest: Luis Elizondo  (UFORadio International #11)

On December 17th 2017, New York Times has published historic article on the front page titled: "Real U.F.O.s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know". The article described Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which had a mandate to evaluate UFOs. Luis Elizondo was a former director of that program. In this exclusive interview that I did for Croatian Television, he explains his involvement in the program and what was learned through the years. This is the uncut version of that interview. On the date of this release, this is as far as I am aware, the longest interview with Mr. Elizondo.

 During this exclusive interview we covered these subjects:

- Lue's career and his patents.

- The AATIP timeline and the budget.

- Mandate of the program. 

- Detection of UFO Phenomena by DOD sensors.

- Witnesses, technical data and credibility factor.

- The USS Nimitz UFO Incident.

- 5 main categories of the UFO phenomena.

- AATIP findings vs Condon Committee conclusions. 

- Alleged exotic materials.

- Possibilities of another and more hidden UFO program.

- To The Stars Academy.

... and more.

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