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Researchers #5: Witnessing the Impossible: The Scole Experiment - Robin Foy

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Researchers #5: Witnessing the Impossible: The Scole Experiment
Guest: Robin Foy 

It went on for 5 years. It was happening throughout the 1990s in the small British village Scole. Inside the farmhouse, psychical researchers Robin Foy and his wife Sandra together with 2 mediums Sandra and Allen Bennet, were able to achieve extraordinary results during their spiristic sessions now known as the Scole Experiments. 

Wide range of anomalies recorded: light phenomena, object movement, apports, materialization of hand, levitation, two way communication with intelligent entities and so on. Variety of scientists and researchers were direct witnesses of those sessions.

Back in 2013 I received journalist assignment to interview Robin Foy. For the first time, I am releasing full audio of that interview from Feb 19, 2013 that could additionally raise the awareness of Scole events.  

-- Special thanks to Wenche Tømmervik for providing me the picture of Robin Foy --

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