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UFORadio International #12: Official UFO Studies in France & Chile

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UFORadio International #12: Official UFO Studies in France & Chile

Guests: Jacques Patenet (GEIPAN), Philip Connaughton (GEIPAN in Art), General Ricardo Bermudez (CEFAA - e-mail interview)


- Philip Connaughton:

- Full Interview with Philip Connaughton:

- ET Events Dance Opera:


- COMETA Report:

Due to a huge response to my previous interview with Luis Elizondo who was a head of an official body for UFO investigations within US DOD, we are continuing with a similar theme. This time I am opening my archives to present you official UFO studies in France (GEIPAN) and Chile (CEFAA).

In an archived exclusive interview from December 8, 2006, head of GEIPAN (at the time) discussed with me history of official UFO research in France.

Excerpt from an interview with an amazing artist Philip Connaughton will show us how he was inspired by the works of GEIPAN to create dance opera "Extraterrestrial Events".

The e-mail interview from October 24, 2000 with the head of CEFAA - General Ricardo Bermudez - presents official UFO research in Chile.

CEFAA Reunion:
CEFAA Members:
From left to right:
- Sociologist Dagoberto Benítez
- Psychiatrist Mario Dussuel
- Collaborator Luis Riquelme
- Public Relations Alberto Fernández
- President General Ricardo Bermúdez
- Collaborator José Lay
- Geophysical Carlos Leiva
- Executive Secretary Gustavo Rodríguez and
- Analyst of Images José Fourt    

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