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Money talks

Drew Pells published on

#50 Emergency podcast! Spain. Real Madrid. 2026. Sporting. What the hell has been going on the last couple days?! Well money talks and on today's episode, Terrance and I consider how value is subjective and when you consider that, it's easy to make sense of weighing options and making a decision.

Lopetegui got hired at Madrid and then fired by Spain and we give our suspicions of why. Employee to company, Lopetegui doesn't owe the RFEF anything. But man to man, that's a different story. 

The World Cup is coming to America in 2026!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA. As I said last episode, there was no other choice. I'd buy my ticket now if I could.

And finally, several players and the head coach have quit at Sporting in Portugal over attacks by fans, getting thrown under the bus publicly by the president, and more. This is a brilliant example of how businesses need to take care of their employees and can't exploit them. 

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