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Episode 9

"Every Time I Take Something, I Give Something Back" with Thomas Ingersoll

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We recently invited Arizona based commercial photographer Thomas Ingersoll to our studio for a podcast. He's work with large brands like Home Depot, RedBull, Arizona Coyotes, and more. On this episode we talk about how Thomas got his start in the business by bringing out his dads old film camera while riding motorcross. He discusses his unique techniques used to differentiate himself from others in the commercial world. We also take some time to talk about why its important to meet with agencies and build relationships to get bigger projects. We wrap it up with some fun stories about why doing charitable work is not only good for business but good for the soul, and finally hear about a unique run in with a wild Baboon while working in Tanzania. Grab yourself a drink and get ready for an hour packed full of business, photography and life insights! 


Links to Thomas Ingersoll's work and business

His Website: https://www.thomasingersollphoto.com/

Blok Studios: https://www.blokphotostudio.com/

LiteBox Production: https://www.golitebox.co/


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