On The Reel
Episode 7

"Filmmaking is like a Turkey Sandwich"

Reelbros Media published on

On this episode of "On the Reel", the bros take a dive into the current reality of marketing and quoting out production services in areas that aren't quite caught up to the standards of other creative hubs such as Los Angeles and New York. It's been a while since we really sat down and hashed out some of the more cumbersome processes of owning a production company, as well as legitimizing and getting others to respect and appreciate your business as a whole. As creative entrepreneurs, it becomes a gentle balance between looking for new and unique ways to master your craft, while at the same time pushing your business along to the next step by always looking ahead. Communication is key to allowing your client to understand the process of creating content that shouldn't just be looked at as a product, but rather equity for what the brand represents as a whole.



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