Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 43

2015_05_17 Abraham Following God's Promise - Lesson 8 Of Sons and Sacrifice (Part 1) - Sunday School

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We have all experienced tests of our faith—situations that require us to trust that God will provide. In these times, the question becomes: How do we respond? Do we allow fear and doubt to control us, or do we trust God with an extreme faith?
Abraham experienced many tests of faith in his life. At times, he responded obediently and trusted in God’s promises. Other times, however, he responded out of fear or tried to take matters into his own hands. In Genesis 22, Abraham received one final extreme test of his faith—a test that came directly from God (Gen 22:1).

To download the handout for this lesson please visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzT...

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