Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 187

2016_10_05 Taking Prayer to a Deeper Level (Matthew 14, Daniel 6, Nehemiah 1, Deuteronomy 9, Acts 12) - Evangelist Tom Palmer

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In this sermon, Evangelist Tom Palmer challenges us to pray and to deepen our prayer. He looks at the spontaneous prayer of Peter in Matthew 14, the scheduled prayer of Daniel in Daniel 6, the special prayer of Nehemiah in Nehemiah 1, the sacrificial prayer of Moses in Deuteronomy 9, and the lifestyle of prayer of the early church as they prayed for Peter in Acts 12. Prayer in our lives should at times only be seconds, at times minutes or hours, at times days and weeks, and for some things it should be a daily bringing of our hearts before God. 

To gain access to the handouts referred to in this lesson please visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzTKeQwG4r_2RnZMZmg2dFRsSVU


The video he mentioned can be seen here http://714.palmerrevival.com/.


For more information, please visit www.OTBChurch.com or www.palmerrevival.com.

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