Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 261

2017_09_17 John 4.27-42 - Come See The Man As He Works With His Disciples (Evangelist Gary Bill)

Oregon Trail Baptist Church published on

In this Sermon, Evangelist Gary Bill exhorts us as believers to also view things on the spiritual level. When the disciples saw Christ sitting with the woman at the well all they could think about was the physical needs.

Let it be noted, that in doing work for Christ, and laboring for souls, there are sowers as well as reapers. The work of the reaper makes far more show than the work of the sower. Yet it is perfectly clear that if there was no sowing there would be no reaping. It is of great importance to remember this. The Church is often disposed to give an excessive honor to Christ’s reapers, and to overlook the labors of Christ’s sowers. -J.C. Ryle


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