Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 477

2020_12_27 Josiah Finds God's Word (2 Kings 22)

Oregon Trail Baptist Church published on

In this sermon, Pastor Miller traces the downfall of the kings. David was the king which the Bible describes as “a man after God’s own heart” and God promises that from him would come a king that would rule forever from Jerusalem (2 Samuel 7). After David, the Israelites might have thought that Solomon would have been that special king but as we read, he failed to follow God. King after king through the books of First and Second Kings fail but also as they pursue their own agendas, they drive the split kingdoms of Israel and Judah into the ground. Josiah finds himself toward the end of this long list of failures and although it is to late when he responds appropriately to God’s Word, he receives special provision in the middle of a cursed nation.

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