Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 496

2021_02_28 Judges 14.10-20 (Samson -Samson’s Wedding)

Oregon Trail Baptist Church published on

In this sermon, Pastor Miller covers Judges 14:10-20 where we continue with Samson’s story and find him at his wedding feast which appears to be a form of Philistine drinking party. On his way to this feast, he kills a lion and later eats some honey from out of the lion’s carcass. Samson who has been specially called by God to be a Nazarite in this chapter defiles himself by touching a dead body and attending a drinking party. From beginning to the end of Judges 14 Samson dishonors his parents, disregards god, distanced himself from his friends, downplays his failures, and yet God enables him to decimate his enemies.

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