Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 499

2021_03_07 Judges 15 (Samson - Samson's Retaliation)

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In this sermon, Pastor Miller covers Judges 15 where Samson discovers that his wife has been given away to another man because his father-in-law thought Samson had abandoned her. Samson retaliates by burning the crops of the philistines. The philistines respond by coming after samson and for the first time in Samson’s story a tribe of Israel assembles to act. However, the tribe of Judah assembles to capture Samson instead of their enemies the Philistines. When they do deliver Samson over, he kills one thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey and after this great feat of strength he for the first time calls on God because he is thirsty. Samson’s life has been focused on his own desires and his moral compass was no better than the Philistines.

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