Oregon Trail Baptist Church
Episode 504

2021_04_11 READ Series – 2 Samuel 8 - 24

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In this discussion, Pastor Miller opens by looking at the content of the book of Samuel. A question is brought up regarding the census in 2 Samuel 24 where David numbers the people. In 2 Samuel 24 it says that God moved David against Israel but in 1 Chronicles 21 it says that Satan provoked David to number Israel. This passage brings up questions regarding the term Satan and forces us to consider God’s role in moving David to number the people. In response to the question from the previous week regarding Samuel’s death (20:00), Pastor Miller notes that although Samuel was a person of high standing in Israel and spoke on God’s behalf the people did not listen to him. This may be why his death, although it was a major event, received very little attention in the text. Israel paid lip service to Samuel’s message but disregarded his words.

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